To turn on/off Splif-e, push the button consecutively 5 times. You will see both Yellow and Blue lights blink three times to indicate that the device is now on or off.

Splif-e gives users the option to vape each pod independently or at the same time! Once Splif-e is on, you can check to see which side is activated by pressing the button once. To choose a side, click the button consecutively 3 times. The side that is activated will blink 3 times to indicate that a proper selection has been made.

The pods should be filled to the designated fill line which is about half of the pod. This ensures that there is proper room for the pod to function as it draws liquid from the holding chambers.


This means your Splif-e is out of batteries and you need to charge the device. Remove the bottom charging cap and use a USB-C charging cord for fastest charging results.

Splif-e pods have a 6000 puff life-span. This usually equates to about 15 refills. If a burnt taste is evident, it's a good indication that you need to purchase new pods for use. New pods can be purchased at

A random blinking light means that there is a connection issue between the pod and the battery. This issue can usually be solved by cleaning the connection on the battery and pod with a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol.